Cultivating quality, deep rest at night if affected by Arthritis Pain

Cultivating quality, deep rest at night if affected by Arthritis Pain

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The busy, stress induced lifestyles that many of us lead often contributed to a reduction in quantity and quality of sleep. Although achieving deep, quality rest can be problematic for many, it can be particularly troublesome for those affected by arthritic pain.

Lifestyle techniques that target both the body and mind are imperative when it comes to cultivating quality rest. 

Below you’ll find a collection of easily implementable steps that may be added to your evening routine.

Try a warm bath 1 hour before bed

A warm bath is both soothing for the body and the mind, particularly during the evening before curling into bed. The warmth aids with blood circulation to the muscles and joints, reducing stiffness and swelling. Immersing yourself in a warm bath also helps in calming the mind, regulating the nervous system for sleep. To enhance the relaxation experience and for added anti-inflammatory benefits, try incorporating 1 cup of magnesium salts to your bath.

Adopt a gentle evening stretching routine

To increase blood flow and reduce inflammation around the muscles and joint tissue, a gentle stretch before bed may be useful. If you aren’t familiar with stretching, a quick google or youtube search will provide you with wonderful, easy to follow guides. Yin yoga, a therapeutic form of stretching, is also a valuable option when it comes to enhancing sleep. This type of mindful yoga provides stretching benefit and also aids in nervous system regulation, both of which reduce pain and support quality rest.

Relaxation meditation and deep abdominal breathing

The knowledge of potentially not being able to sleep due to the prospect of lingering arthritic pain can create a sense of anxiety and contribute to racing thoughts. A way to combat this internal dialogue is to engage in an evening meditation routine that focuses on calming the mind through deep breathing and relaxation. If you’re new to meditation, there are many fantastic apps that are easily available and free of cost. Calm, Balance, Insight-timer and 1 giant mind are all wonderful options.

Reduce caffeine and alcohol

Via the influence on neurotransmitters, hormones and liver function, caffeine and alcohol both affect the bodies natural ability to cultivate a deep state of rest. As sleep is easily disturbed with arthritic pain, reducing the factors that exacerbate this disturbance is very important. Aim for no more than two cups of coffee per day, ideally before midday. In regards to alcohol, limit consumption to one standard drink per sitting and adopt three to four alcohol free nights per week.

With these suggestions, you’ll be sleeping soundly in no time at all.