Family history of Osteoporosis? Choose Osteo-Restore

Family history of Osteoporosis? Choose Osteo-Restore

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Bone health can be strongly inherited – if anyone in your family has osteoporosis or broken a bone from a minor fall, you may have low bone density. Treatment is needed to strengthen bones and help prevent fractures.

Osteo-Restore helps manage osteoporosis, occurring when bones lose minerals – like calcium – more quickly than the body can replace them.

Our exclusive active ingredient, Aquamin Forte, is a marine sourced multi-mineral calcium derived from the cytoskeleton of the red algae. It contains 72 trace mineral co-factors for bone health, including zinc, magnesium and selenium.
Vitamin D3 is added to assist the normal formation and maintenance of healthy bone through regulating and increasing the absorption of calcium.

Then there’s the Epiitalis, patented to stimulate healthy cartilage production in your joints.

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