• I just have to say that so far the OSTEO-restore is amazing!! I can actually forget I have a back injury. I move more comfortably in everything from getting up without stiffness in the morning to ducking down under the fences etc. This stuff is fabulous!!! Thank you so much

    - Kristy Sparkes

    Highly recommend OSTEO-restore™ for improving joint mobility and chronic back pain. We started using it back in October 2019 and it had an impact within two weeks, drastically reducing our back aches after two years of pain following a bad fall. I was highly skeptical of needing this as no osteoporosis diagnosed but it has made such a difference...I wouldn't be without it now!

    - Agnes Beugnon

  • I have been using OSTEO-restore™ for about 6 months. I stopped using it for the last week or two. Well, that was a mistake as I have nearly been crying with pain. I need two new knees. I have just ordered more.

    - Jude O’Brien

    I've been on OSTEO-restore™ for a year or so and it has made a huge difference to my OA, as well as my mother’s.
    I reordered in June and was informed that there were some supply issues. I was kept up to speed on my order the whole time as Interpath were awaiting their shipment. I collected my shipment today and to my surprise, Interpath had included a complimentary jar in my order! I wasn't expecting it at all and first thought that they had made a mistake, until I saw the lovely note. Very unexpected and appreciated. I would have been a repeat customer regardless, thanks to the good communication, but now I will be even happier to buy from these guys!

    - Mea Alessia Johanna

  • I have used 4CYTE™ with our horses and dogs and it's awesome - better than any other remedy that has been on the market. More importantly, I have prescribed both OSTEO-restore™ and EPIITALIS for a test group of patients. Both have recorded remarkable results. I believe that EPIITALIS in pure form and in OSTEO-restore™ is a game changer for the human population and I will publish results on this page in a couple of months. I only hope that Interpath can keep up with demand when people realise how exceptional this all-natural remedy is.

    - Dr Michael Petrie

    I am amazed and thrilled with OSTEO-restore™. Over the years I have been on every pain killer, supplement etc. known to man for osteo pain and inflammation. This was recommended by my Bowen Therapist, and I haven’t looked back. Thank you so much for this...

    - Ginny Brown

  • I have osteoarthritis in my shoulder and OSTEO-restore™ has helped the pain significantly.

    - Sue Knox

    My parents are both on OSTEO-restore™ after shoulder surgeries and dodgy knees. It has changed their lives. They are both off NSAIDs now and have a whole new lease on life - my mum is even doing a half marathon soon!!"

    - Jayne Wilson

  • I use 4CYTE™ on my horses too and now use OSTEO-restore™ for my knees too - I find it does help. I’m not as stiff and sore, especially as we come into the colder months.

    - Sara Vroom

    Used 4CYTE™ on our horses and got some OSTEO-restore™ for me - it is great. Worked within a couple of days for my arthritis. I've been taking it for about 6 months now.

    - Charlotte Vagg

  • It is very good. David swears by it. He has been using it for a long time. He stopped it for a while thinking it wasn't working, then the pain came back so got it again, so he is very happy.

    - Lorraine Nunn

    A massive THANK YOU to Interpath for this incredible human joint product!! A little over 12 months ago, I had a horse fall backwards over on top of my pelvis etc. causing extensive damage and several months in hospital. Interpath, who have sponsored my horses for over 8 years (4CYTE™), developed this incredible tablet for humans. Yes, I still get pain but if I don’t take this I end up in bed or struggling!! Thank you so much Interpath.

    - Lisa Martin

  • Fantastic product.

    - Sheryl Rasmussen

    The only product that helped my arthritic fingers stop locking with bone on bone and reduced the amount of pain to minimal. 10/10 for me.

    - Kelly Walker

  • Been on it three weeks and it’s helping my stiffness. Have my horse and dog on 4CYTE™ too – great stuff!

    - Lynda Becker

    This is great stuff.

    - Jo Greenfield

  • Awesome product.

    - Sharon Gervasoni

    Highly recommend this product. My knees thank you.

    - Janine Hull Murray

  • Paul started using this for an old knee injury, then realised his low-level, persistent neck pain was gone. An unexpected bonus!

    - Sarah Wrigley

    I’ve been taking it for a few months, probably 6 or so, and I actually have rheumatoid arthritis to which they say no supplements work. But my specialist said, ‘give it a go, it doesn’t interact with my other meds,’ and I honestly believe it’s making a difference. Have seen significant reduction in my inflammation levels in my bloods as well. I’m a vet nurse and we see excellent results with the animal version too. I honestly believe it’s the first natural supplement to help me when they all say nothing helps RA.

    - Ally Croxie

  • I have been on it for 3 days and can tell the difference, I have also started my dogs on the dog version and am also seeing a difference.

    - Jacqui Curtis

    Definitely works on knees!

    - Sara Swailes

  • Most amazing stuff ever! My horse is on 4CYTE™, my dog is on it and now I am. Judging by their ease of movement, I'm pretty sure we are all feeling good.

    - Neverenoughspots

    Thank you for a wonderful product! It is the only one that has helped!

    - Sharon Taylor